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Everyone needs a coach to help them through times when they are either stuck or having difficulty navigating the issues of life. Engaging a coach during these times is not a sign of weakness as some may think, rather it’s a sign of strength expressed in humility.

Where is This Road Going?

Coaching is not just another layer of how-to information to add on to the heap we already have! We are all obese with information overload, yet are starving for the missing link.

The bottom line is we need the implementation to put all the information we have into practice. An experienced coach will firstly investigate the issue then sensitively lay out the steps and oversee the functional implementation of them. A coach who has been in the same shoes as the client is able to wisely share insight to move forward at the appropriate time. Here’s the thing about real coaching; when the client has the AHA themselves, the coach has done the job.

True implementation isn’t the coach overseeing the spoon-fed steps, it’s the coach listening for the AHA’S! One cannot fabricate an AHA, you either get it or not. It’s not a fake it till you make it situation either. A great coach listens and can be likened to a Conductor, listening always to the beat and rhythm of the orchestra. Timing is always of the essence and the essence predicates the AHA.

Good coaching will teach the client to read the atmosphere of the situation and teach how to hear the self-adjusting prompts which pop up. Some clients who reach out for a coach may not be able to define exactly what they need. A client needs a coach who is understanding, nonjudgmental and able to empathize with the client and their issues and be astute and ‘on duty’ as the situation changes.

Can This Be Restored?

As the coach listens for the AHA’s, the coach waits to hear more. The coach listens for the implementation of the AHA so it becomes embedded and put into action. This is critical to coaching becoming part of the client’s habits rather than just more information. These results are the expectations of both coach and client.

My specialty and passion is Coaching Relationships and Communication. I teach and engage clients on different levels and formats of this well talked about subject. I invite you to explore my different offers and find a good fit for you so we can take the next step for you to have your transformational results.

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