Memories . . .

Quote:  Memories fade . . . Ink Lasts

Recently I read this quote Memories fade . . . Ink Lasts and I started thinking about how significant this quote is. I have not been able to find where this quote came from and when reading it again, the question I ask is . . . Really?Poem image

Fading memories we are told, are a condition of aging and the inference is correct. When I discussed this with the aging people in my circle I discovered important memories are never forgotten. They can be recalled instantly and with exciting explanations as if they happened most recently.

I decided to write these poems to define the truth about the reality of the quote.

There is something about an AHA moment that is indelible. When we have one, it’s like a row of dominoes being set off, such is the chain reaction. The AHA seems to connect all the dots together and inspires the receiver to run with it. How could an AHA be forgotten when written on the heart? An AHA is registered on the face, in the voice and in the energy of the receiver. Often it’s a culmination of events which when remonstrated with, leads to the final revelation. The second part of the quote has a different impact.

Ink Lasts  . . .

When one receives a card or letter of significance, somehow the fact it is written and meaningful thought has gone into it, makes it special. Usually, this inked message is stored in a special place, known only to you and can be referred to as often as you need.

Poem Image

It doesn’t matter if you are Male or Female, your special place for your significant treasures is only known by you. Our heart is the ultimate treasury and storehouse of these special occasions. These memories of those times will always be instant and maybe a visit to the inked version is warranted to refresh the accuracy of what was said.

In this world of constant negative propaganda, an encouraging word or card is a welcomed relief. So many people suffer from low self-image for all sorts of reasons and struggle to even love themselves. When was the last time you received such a card or letter and what did it do for you?

Here’s a challenge for you which may seem a bit stupid but I dare you to accept! Why not write a card or a letter and post it to yourself and think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy which you work towards fulfilling?

Think about it. What would you write on the card? Here’s another tip, maybe a letter will be better because a card is too restrictive? Imagine you are writing your own obituary of what you would love to have spoken about your life and character?

The Combination

Memories and Ink are a great combination as both can be referred to. Even through dimmed eyes, the specific details can be revisited. If you are up for the challenge and commit to writing to yourself this will be your roadmap. How often do you listen to the discussions you have with yourself? Are they negative or positive?

Poem Image

Communication skills; a subject often talked about. I asked a question written in the second poem; are your words inked on the pages of Hearts? Are your own significant words, just out there or, written on your own heart?

Memories and Ink, are the power of 2 forming the roadmap of your past, present, and future. How about writing something significant to your spouse or a close friend on any non-special day, not their birthday. Communicate something to them midst all the negativity?

Don’t forget to send one to yourself!

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