Not Smart . . .

Everyone is aware of the present crisis which relationships have been trending towards. When dining out on any occasion the common scene as we look around are of people incessantly on their phones. They are called smartphones. They are very smart but unfortunately at the expense of our important relationships.Image

I hereby propose a new law which must be adopted in every Restaurant in every country of the world. This would be smartphones should be handed in at the reception desk and given back as the bill is paid! The fine for not doing so is you pay 3x your meal cost! Of course, each Restaurant would have to install an electronic phone detector device to keep everyone honest. Is this worthy of a debate?

How does it feel when you are trying to have a conversation with someone who is not listening, indifferent, not present and NOT interested? Your words come back to you and slap you in the face! There are so many distractions out there, many of them are very entertaining, hence our attention is drawn to them. This also exposes our issues regarding how we value our relationship with the person we are relating to. When you see a couple in love it’s a different story. They talk so much they need a referee to enable them to have equal time sharing!

When was the last time you and your spouse or significant other were out for dinner and talked like you did when you first met? Be really honest and answer the question to yourself as you read this. Sometimes we need the in your face harsh truth, to admit to being in the place we have now arrived at.

If our relationships are so boring that we need our smartphones to enhance our meeting times, then questions must be seriously asked about the quality of them. There is much evidence now documented about relationship quality. Stress and sickness result from poor quality relationships, yet often we are the ones who can address this but we lack perseverance. 

How refreshing is it when you catch up with an old friend and you both are wanting to talk and ask questions of each other? Catching up on the last ten years in a two-hour coffee engagement is difficult and the coffee always goes cold! One can only share the highlights during these times. Isn’t it exciting when someone actually wants to know what you have done over the last ten years?

Never in the history of humanity have we been so technologically connected but emotionally disabled because of it. The strangest thing about this is the flipside of it. We can share and enhance our relationships so much more with each other because of the technology. The missing key to real relationships is our sincerity.

Probably the most significant aspect of life we may not want to admit to is, we can only count the maximum of real genuine friendships on one hand. These are those whom we pick up with automatically on the last sentence of our last conversation. The icing on the cake is if one of those you count on your hand is, your significant other!

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