Today's Bread Here's Your Slice

  • Do you like eating stale bread?
  • Could your relationship with God be losing its life and vibrancy and in danger of going stale?
  • Scripture warns us, in the end times, the love of many will grow cold. Math 24:12 
  • Is it your dream to have a vibrant devotional life with God? If this is so, please keep reading. 

I killed my pet Bird!

One day when purchasing some timber for my business, I met a man who told me the following riveting story. 

When he was about 10 yrs old he and his mother were out for a walk. He was very interested in birds at the time and was always fascinated watching the Hawks soaring and gliding in the thermals. 

On that day he asked his mother, who was a Christian if he could ask God to give him one as a pet. She agreed to him having one if God gave him one, but in her heart didn't believe God would do this. She didn't tell him this, as they discussed the pros and cons of having a pet hawk in the house. 

You can imagine how enthusiastic a young 10 yr old boy was, hearing his mother agree to his request. When they were walking home, out hopped a young Hawk with a broken wing right in front of them! The young lad was so excited as this wild bird almost leaped into his arms to be cared for. 

His mother was amazed at how God answered his prayer so quickly as he cradled this injured wild bird in his arms! They took the bird to the Vet to examine and it had a splint put on the wing.

He faithfully looked after the bird, fussing over it every moment he could and a deep friendship developed between them. He was always noticed with the bird perched on his shoulder and they became inseparable friends. When he and his mother were out walking, the bird always accompanied them and never flew away.

As this grown man continued his story, his enthusiasm and countenance changed. 

He told me the bird started spending more time in it's cage because he developed other interests. He fed it daily and cleaned its cage but it spent less time on his shoulder. The people in town commented they hadn't seen the bird so much.

One day he went to feed the bird and found it had died! He sobbed as he continued explaining to me the reason it died. He believed the bird died from neglect and it was all his fault.

The reason this story is so relevant is God wired us to live a life of vibrancy.

Distractions, How do they affect you?

The true story, you have just read, progresses through stages of a 10yr old boy's excitement, to being distracted by other interests leading to the Hawk's death. Notice the progression and relate this to his age and his "distractions". What started off with great enthusiasm and affection ended when his heart and attention changed direction, away from the bird.

This example to us shows how easily we can be distracted from the most "important things" in life. Relationship stats show us 50% of marriages last 10 yrs then divorce! What happened and why?

Scripture warns us that in the end times the love of many will grow cold. Could your relationship WITH GOD be losing its vibrancy and life and in danger of growing cold?

Would you like to have a vibrant relationship with God?

One of the common questions I received when I was Pastoring was about people’s devotional times with God. The questions varied from what to read, how long should the "quiet time" be, prayer and other personal issues they were having with developing a vibrant devotional life. 

The keyword for me was VIBRANT. I relate this back to eating stale bread. Most people enjoy freshly baked bread but there is an odd exception.

I believe we are all born with a desire for variety in our life and if we don't have this we become stale and bored. Our relationship with God is no different. Keeping it vibrant, variety becomes an important part of the puzzle. I have never met a bored happy person, have you? We were not wired to be that way.

During my years when I was Pastoring a small church in New Zealand, I had a life-changing visitation from God. It was around Christmas time and I was in the Christian bookstore owned by our church selecting thank you gifts for the 5 members of staff who worked there.

As I browsed through the shelves for an appropriate gift for each person, God spoke to me and said:" Put the gifts back on the shelves and choose 5 blank cards and give them something from the Pastor's desk".

Instinctively I knew God wanted me to give each person a written message, appropriate to them. As I walked home from the shop, I felt great excitement because I knew God wanted to connect with each of these diligent people and bless them. 

What I didn't know was, God had something up His sleeve for me as well. I sat down at my desk and waited for The Lord to speak regarding each person. At the time I was ministering prophetically and to my amazement, God gave me a prophecy for each person in the format of a Poem!

My Dream

The scriptures have always intrigued me so I will never run out of subjects to write about. This is my dream: to have a site able to offer a daily drip-fed poem to subscribers written about scripture or a spiritual principle.

I have met various people looking for something unique to use as devotional content to read and meditate on during their day. 

One of my mentors, who was a talented tradesman, asked me to write a book of poems so he could read them at work. Of the poems he had read, he informed me every poem had at least 1 line which really spoke to him, to meditate on while he worked. He often shared these poems with his workmates. This is a true story!

The language of poetry is unique in the way it speaks to the heart with its flow of words and it's rhythm, but not necessarily it's rhyme. 

I write in a unique style that is short and punchy, deep and meaningful. Following each poem, I have written a reflection that builds or comments on the poem's theme and this is followed by 3 engaging questions. Finally, a copy of the scripture I am referencing is there for you.

This, in turn, will cause devotional times to become more engaging and thought-provoking.

People have used these individual poems very positively for their own study and for home group discussions. God's Word speaks to us in various ways during our journey with Him. He highlights different aspects of Himself to us and conversely, we are able to see ourselves in the mirror of His word.

Our personal relationship with God is the most significant and important aspect of our lives. When you know you are engaged with Him as part of your daily life, you will have meaningful communication together. This ensures your personal security with God.

My Observations

When I was Pastoring I was privy to hear the raw truth about the variety of relationships people were having with God. The honest ones shared about their dry and stale devotional times and the challenges they faced connecting with God. 

It was with these thoughts in mind I created "Today’s Bread - Here’s Your Slice". Sometimes we need a fresh and vibrant way of looking at God’s word or a new type of lens to look through.

Here Are Your Benefits 

    • When you log in to your account each day, you will receive a fresh poem with the reflection and questions. 
    • The topics will be varied unless I am expanding on a theme, hence the title, Today's Bread. 
    • The content or this membership will Educate, Encourage and I believe will provoke you in your relationship with God.
    • The content in these poems combined with the reflection and questions can and have been used for study group discussions and even sermon material.
    • There will be a certain amount of mystery every day when wondering what's this day's Slice of bread going to “taste like”.
    • I am giving you 2 random "slices" as examples from the first month, to read and experience to see if this is a good fit for you.

Here's a testimony for you.

David Lee Martin I have always been a lover of poetry – from the classics to the quirky, the Psalms to modern lyrics. The way that poetry demands words to be boiled down to their essentials always fascinates me. Just a few lines, a single word, can say more than several paragraphs. So, when I turned 44, and totally out of the blue, Lloyd Portman sent me a personal poem he had written for me, I was amazed. His small poem was packed with a big punch, and genuinely touched and inspired me (it still does today every time I read it). Lloyd has an incredible ability to challenge, inspire, question and express things that reach deep on the inside of his readers. I can think of no one better to connect with than Lloyd Portman! David Lee Martin, Author & Poet (

More Testimonies HERE

Imagine having access to Today's Bread to feed your spiritual life which at the same time will enhance your relationship with God. My poetry reflects what God has taught me about Himself and His many principles, on the coal face of practical life.

Today’s Bread Here’s Your Slice, I believe will become a very important addition to your daily devotional diet for your inspiration and meditation. Many people have commented about the content of this membership as being a unique way of seeing God’s Word.

I see concepts through different lenses based upon my experiences and revelations God has shown me. From this viewpoint it allows me to define and articulate the complexities of these concepts into more appetizing, digestible, daily morsels.

At the bottom of this page is a sample of 2 poems taken randomly from the membership. If you are happy and they resonate with you, as I am sure you will be, click the BUY NOW BUTTON at the bottom of this page and a monthly payment of US$19.97 will be charged. You may cancel your membership at any time. 

My poetry and comments are thought-provoking and cannot be read without engaging with the words and “letting these words read your heart” Your need for a Slice of Daily Bread will be served here.

Enhance your relationship with God and start your day with a new twist to your devotional/meditational food.

You will receive many ideas and concepts to discuss with God, yourself and your friends. 

Here are 2 "slices" for you to eat slowly and digest and enjoy then I invite you to 




Because of your uniqueness, no one sees things the way you do. No one has had the same revelation you have had, nor the experiences. Other people may have had similar but not the same.

Unfortunately, we tend to compare ourselves with others. Usually, we consider them more worthy than ourselves and all we have within us becomes locked away. 

You are the person of your heart. Have you ever considered the real consequences of not following the leading of the Holy Spirit as you are prompted?

Over the years I have been disappointed with my disobedience to these promptings. I learned to believe it was God speaking and stopped doubting and spoke up. 

It was during a meeting I remember, the first time God gave me a word for the church. I knew it was God but I was afraid to speak up.  We had a brief conversation together and He asked if I would speak or He would find someone else. 

I let Him choose someone else and away she went and gave the same message He had given to me, word for word! The extraordinary part of this experience was the sister who shared it knew someone else had been asked by God before her. We had a very interesting discussion about the event and from this, she really helped me to obey and flow in The Spirit. 

I remember the day I was preaching and received a message about one of the young men who I knew. I also knew the family well. I asked him to go and get his parents so they could witness the word I had for him as it was very important they all heard it.

We sat down and I shared about the young man being in a vulnerable stage of his life, running from God rather than seeking His help. God said he would end up in prison if this continued! His parents were shocked and the young lad was very angry at being exposed. 

4 yrs later he entered prison for a 2-year sentence. Well, the story changes here, as God visits him in his cell and he has an amazing conversion. He was released early because of his reformation and became a very gifted builder after a 5-year apprenticeship. 

God gave him a real heart for the young people in his town which became a very successful street ministry. Many of the vulnerable youth in the town became on fire believers. The streets were cleaned up and petty crime ended. 

I encourage you to go with what God prompts you with, then you will be amazed at the proof of where it leads you. 


# - Have you ever been prompted and not obeyed and then had to deal with the consequences of this?

# - After that experience how are you flowing with God now and is your confidence growing?

# - You are who you are. Are you struggling with this and if so what are you doing about this?

PROVERBS 20:5 AMP A plan (motive, wise counsel) in the heart of a man is like water in a deep well, But a man of understanding draws it out.

Next: The Two Parts Of One



Wisdom and understanding go together and as believers, we are strongly encouraged to pursue and acquire both. One without the other is like a bird with only one wing, it can flap around but not fly.

Wisdom is the insight to know what to say, how to say it and to say it at the right time. No matter what the information or revelation is about, the question is, when is it the right time to share it?

Proverbs guides us again. A fool is considered wise when he says nothing in a conversation he can't contribute to. Pro 17: 28

Understanding is being able to articulate and explain the spiritual consequences and give insight to the revelation or information. In short, explaining where the information fits. 


# - Do you now understand why these 2 are hand in glove with each other and work together?

# - Have you consistently sought out either one of these or both of them? If so how would you explain the importance of these to a new believer?

# - Could these both be seen and considered as the pearl of great price? I use the singular (pearl) because I see these both (Wisdom and Understanding) as one, how do you see them? 

Proverbs 2, is worthy of reading for definition and implementation. 

Proverbs 4:7 NKJV Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7 AMP The beginning of wisdom is: Get [skillful and godly] wisdom [preeminent]! And with all your acquiring, get understanding [actively seek spiritual discernment, mature comprehension, and logical interpretation].

Proverbs 4:7 Passion Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it!

Revelation knowledge is what you need—so invest in it!