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"How to create an environment of mutual support in your marriage"


Are you struggling with your conversations together and wondering how you can reach each other again? Has your relationship become stale and are you having difficulty discussing it? How would it feel to bulletproof your marriage for the future with these principles?

Over many years of observation, I have noticed relationships all begin with ardent fervor then slip into different levels of taking each other for granted. Even though you love each other, the quality of your conversations has diminished and you cannot talk about it.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to my Event "How to create an environment of mutual support in your marriage". This event will teach you how to bulletproof your future relationship. I will hold this event on bla bla bla @ 3pm est.

Here is what we will cover at this event.

  • How to lay a foundation for mutual support.
  • How to stop reacting to each other. 
  • Navigating change as part of a normal relationship.
  • How to do this the easy way.
  • How to enjoy your life with fun together.
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How well do you remember those first days when you first met and decided you couldn't live the rest of your life without each other? I'm guessing if you have arrived on this page you have a vague memory of those days and are now wondering how you are in this position?

You are not alone, so take heart and get ready to receive some keys to open some doors to a better future!

Most of the time we believe that our Love for each other will overcome any hurdles we may need to cross during our marriage. That Love you have, is the foundation we build from, regardless of anything which exists between you.

Relationships can always be improved by using basic principles implemented simply by being able to discuss them. There are no one-time fixes here, nor would I offer them because they don't exist! What I will teach you at this Event is the foundation to rebuild your future relationship. The wonderful thing about this is you will do this together at home, with no counselor.

"Once you hear these principles, they will encourage you to incorporate them for your future together."

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Here's what you will learn at the event.

  • How to lay a foundation of mutual support. 
  • How to stop reacting to each other. 
  • Navigating change as part of a normal relationship.
  • Doing this the easy way.
  • Enjoying your fun life together.

How would it be to feel confident about your future built on the firm foundation you have both created? Imagine the effect that mutual support and appreciation will have on your security together and the rollover effect this would have on the children you may have?

The ambiance of the home would be positive and vibrant and the thoughts of not being heard or listened to, wouldn't even be entertained. 

I have included a testimony below. Please read it before clicking on the button to my invitation to register for this Event.

Phil's Testimony

I met Lloyd in early August 2018. I was recently separated, and we formed a relationship over the course of a couple of days, as I constructed a new fence for him. As I shared my situation with him, I was impressed at the lack of well-meaning advice, constructive criticism, or empty platitudes. But instead found a person who listened and had empathy for the total train wreck of my life. Someone who always had an ear to listen. 

The first piece of gold that he provided for me was “that I was in a process and everyone’s process is different”. There was no magic pill or plan that worked for all. Unlike anything else, I had ever heard. He let me find my personal way through all my own self-doubt, mistakes, and revaluations of the motivating negativity that directed every decision and response I had made.


The things that ultimately led me to the point of total wretchedness (that was in my head). Not knowing what was right or wrong and not being able to make any decision because of the conflicting arguments. 

He supported me through my acknowledgment of all I’d done wrong, provided insight as I strived for the reason for my actions. And encouraged me when I started to accept myself for who I was. All without that "well-meaning advice, constructive criticism or empty platitudes". Helping me get to a point of not only liking but loving the person in the mirror. 

Throughout my whole process of healing, Lloyd seemed to have an in-depth understanding of not only male but also female perceptions and expectations of relationships. 

I am so thankful for the input Lloyd has had in my learning about myself as I not only gained an understanding of perceived good or bad but in me coming into a mind of total positivity. Realizing that in all situations, there is good for me. Thank you, Lloyd and I hope that you continue to make positive input into many other's journeys of healing. 

Many thanks, Phil Sharplin.