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Are you frustrated with the lack of food for thought which feeds or provokes your thinking habit? Maybe you're also searching for content that feeds your heart as well?

Do you long for meaningful content that you can read from your phone and is drip feed to you daily?

Are you looking for something unique which fills your intellectual needs and entertains you as well?

Perhaps you are trapped into daily habitual viewing of negative news bulletins and a constant diet of emotional eroding propaganda.  Many of us are!

Or, are you unable to drag yourself away from an addiction to local or national political debate which changes like the weather?

This all culminates in a depressing game of emotional hopscotch. I won't go on to use more examples from the smorgasbord of menus we are enticed into. 

Does this sound familiar, and if so, are you looking for something with more heart and substance? Please keep reading.

The Fire that changed everything . . .

About 40 years ago I started to write poetry. When I started writing, I tried to write the traditional way with stanzas and rhyme. I soon found this style too restrictive and after burning my whole collection of about 1500 poems I began with a new style.  

I took a break from writing to erase that old style, but with many requests from friends, began again with my fresh writing style. My new prose non-rhyming style was born and I haven't stopped writing this way since. 

Although my poems were now shorter, an interesting development took place. I started to write a reflection/commentary followed by 3 questions after each poem. See the example below. 

My friends and students commented positively about this additional content as it added to and built out the poem and ideas behind it, giving it more food for inspiration and thought.

What I have produced is a unique membership site delivering to you a daily poem with a reflection and questions. When you log into my site called "Food For Thought And Heart" it will be there for you to think about during your day.

This site is appropriately named because it gives you exactly what it says. You will discover my subjects and topics through my lens and be entertained, challenged and fed on a daily basis. I have been testing this concept widely and all reports have been very positive. 

Your Benefits

  • A new poem with a reflection and questions drip feed to you daily when you log into your account.
  • It’s what it says, Food for Thought and Heart.
  • Content that will Educate, Encourage, Entertain and possibly challenge you.
  • The mystery of each days post which will engage you with the

 Please read this testimony. 

"I have always been a lover of poetry - from the classics to the quirky, the Psalms to modern lyrics. The way that poetry demands words to be boiled down to their essentials always fascinates me. Just a few lines, a single word, can say more than several paragraphs. So, when I turned 44, and totally out of the blue, Lloyd Portman sent me a personal poem he had written for me, I was amazed. His small poem was packed with a big punch, and genuinely touched and inspired me (it still does today every time I read it). Lloyd has an incredible ability to challenge, inspire, question and express things that reach deep on the inside of his readers. I can think of no one better to connect with than Lloyd Portman!” David Lee Martin, Author & Poet (

A friend of mine, a tradesman, asked me to write a poetry book he could take to work to read during his breaks. He wanted to remove himself from the negative discussions and meaningless words filling the silence in the lunchroom.

This site is the result of his request. He is able to view it on his phone no matter where he is. He tells me he reads the poems to his listening workmates and shares them as they discuss a particular point.

Here’s an example of what you will receive.



I have defined that life is compared to a jigsaw puzzle, where we are the piece to be found. Let's now investigate this adventure. By now you understand I “see things differently” and one of the aspects of humanity which I continually notice is the insecurity people have of not knowing where they fit.

I agree with the saying “one size does not fit all”. You fit in many different puzzles because every situation presents a different puzzle!

Don't get caught up in the semantics of this, just accept the fact and I will explain. Life has all kinds of puzzles that we are part of.  The most important one is your own puzzle and that simply means, do you understand yourself, your personality, talents, abilities, etc. Once you have an insight into that, the other puzzles become easier to fit into because you usually know where you personally fit in your own one.

Insecurity is a manifestation of what is going on within your heart hence the need to find security and where you fit in your own puzzle. The statement “it's all about me” is actually true. Making this a true statement is something that needs clarification as the statement is understood by society as being selfish, having no care nor responsibility for others.

If we look at the statement from the perspective of Self Development and or Self Improvement, then it changes. This “all about ME” becomes an investment in themselves for improvement and therefore be more able to contribute to society.

The poem is a picture of the riddle life challenges us with. Here is life, you are born into a family which has their individual needs, and you become “crafted” in this environment of family and culture. You may learn how to fend for yourself, depending on your personality, but ultimately you wonder where you fit.

You have many questions that you don't have the confidence to ask so you sit on them. You may wonder if you are going mad because you don't see things “that” way, like all your friends, do. So you really wonder if you are a miss fit?  Cheer up because you are not! This is the first step in finding your place.


# - This analogy fits you into all the puzzles in your life. Write a list of all of these and use the principle to define those pieces surrounding you.

# - When defining the list, notice the way puzzles are cut to perfectly fit and be fitted into. By nature of this fitted metaphorical principle, you conversely feed and are fed by the contributions each piece makes. What sort of contribution do you make to the puzzle?

# - The amazing principle of life is that we are all gifted or talented in some way which enables us to contribute. Encouragement is often an overlooked and undervalued gift which is a very important part of the puzzle working effectively. Are you an encourager? Do you need to develop this very important talent? What is the effect you experience when you are encouraged?

Can you imagine having access to daily drip-feed Inspirational poetry with commentary and some engaging questions. How could this enhance your day?

Food for thought and heart can be your daily diet of inspiration, meditation and entertainment. People have often mentioned the content being a different way to view the world and inspired them to see contrasting viewpoints. 

You will discover I see this world and many concepts through a different and sometimes distorted lens. This viewpoint allows me to define and articulate complexity into more appetizing digestible daily morsels. 

None of my competitors are doing this. Think about the possibilities of entertainment and education at the same time, because this is what you will get.

My products are written in a way that cannot be read without thinking and mulling them over. If you need some food for thought you shall have it here. You will receive many ideas and concepts which you will be able to discuss with yourself and friends.

Everyone NEEDS Food For Thought And Heart! 

Go ahead and grab your membership now!