God – The Ultimate Elephant

in the Room.

Is God an add-on in your life and are you looking for a deeper sense of His reality in your relationship with Him? If so, continue reading, this is for you.

We don’t know each other but I believe I know a few things about you……..

You believe in God although sometimes you struggle to believe you have a personal relationship with Him? At times He doesn’t seem real to you. This problem causes you fear, doubt and insecurity. You may even wonder at times if you are a believer? You wonder what to do about it and you are afraid to talk to your Pastor as he may wonder if you are saved? There are questions you are facing within yourself, real ones, like, “Do I know God or do I just know about God?

So what do you do? How do you solve this problem?

Most people, get busy rather than face this issue. Do you? Getting busy with well meaning activities and hoping these activities silence that noise in your heart doesn’t really work. Meanwhile the nagging feeling and tugging in your heart becomes a constant distraction.

The noise in our heart either gets louder or dimmer over the long term and if continually ignored, creates an uneasy distance between you and God. You can put on a brave face in public, although you know all is not as well as you would like.

Ignoring your relationship with God, creates a continual vulnerability of doubt within you and affects everything you are!

Although meaningful Church activities or acts of kindness can be important, nevertheless these can be distractions to your faith.  For example –

  • Practical serving jobs like cleaning or administration, serving in all kinds of practical ways while using your natural talents and abilities.
  • Spiritual service assisting or leading different groups ie young people’s ministry or similar.
  • Always being there to assist with anything because of your reliability and commitment, often being the go to person like the willingly horse.

What are the results of this action?

Unfortunately, this activity, although necessary, even when done with the purest intentions, fails to quell the noise in your heart. These are some common symptoms I have heard people share with me.

People feel

  • Used and abused.
  • Taken advantage of.
  • Taken for granted.

What happens when the continued nagging and heart tugs are buried under the noise of service?

The unfortunate consequences of service done as a substitute to developing a genuine relationship with God is; you burn out, sometimes losing your faith. Also, you may become bitter and very critical of the system which you feel has let you down because of your expectation of it. This is a reality check which highlights the need to have a personal relationship with God Himself.

My friend died because of my neglect!

I remember talking to a forty year old man who told me with great remorse, a story about a pet bird. As a young teenage boy, out walking with his mother; he looked up into the sky and saw a hawk gliding in the sky. He said to his mom “If God is real and I ask Him, will He will give me one of those Hawks for a pet” and she agreed He would.

He asked God for a Hawk for a pet and moments later while still out walking a young Hawk with a broken wing jumped out from the bush in front of them almost asking for help! They picked the bird up and nursed the bird back to health. During this time while caring for the bird, which he named “Wingit”, the young man and Wingit became wonderful friends. Wingit sat on his shoulder and went everywhere with him. Everyone knew they were the best of friends.

As this man continued with the story he started to cry. He told me the distractions of his teenage life became his focus and one day when he went to get his friend Wingit from his cage he found Wingit had died. By this point in the story this man was weeping bitterly. Through his sobs he said “my friend Wingit died of neglect and it was my fault!” I prayed with him to release his guilt and also addressed his issue with alcohol which was masking his guilt.

I visited him a few weeks later and talked to his father. He was most emphatic enquiring about what I had done to his son! He said “he’s a different man now since your visit, he’s not angry nor drinking so much and pleasant to work with. What did you do?”

I said “God healed him from his past guilt about Wingit, how cool is that?”

This is a poignant reminder; no one likes to face the truth of the consequences of neglect. This is what happens when we do nothing in response to the promptings we receive.

Are you guilty of being busy for God and hoping your genuine serving will gain his favor? This is far more common than you may think so don’t beat yourself up about this.

My Experience with Assisting People

I have watched over and helped many people develop their relationship with God. Helping people to continue through the step by step transitions is complex yet quite simple. Often we confuse complex with complicated. I believe complexity is made simple by breaking it down to actionable achievable steps which are not overwhelming. This is the important piece of the puzzle.

I am sure you would have seen water flowing down a river and noticed little pockets or eddies on the sides of the river? These eddies show water moving in a circular motion and usually have debris floating in them also going nowhere. This is how I observe people in their relationship with God, stuck and going round and around going nowhere. Meanwhile their heart is aching to know God personally, not just about Him.

Are you disillusioned and feel like you are going round and round and distracted by your own thoughts and questions? I have been there too and hidden in all the busyness of activities and service, I do understand. The book I have written arises from my own journey and has the appropriate title “Friend Request From God”

Can you imagine opening your Facebook page before going off to work and seeing a “Friend request from God”? What would you really think?

In this book, I ask you two pivotal questions and invite you to answer the questions honestly, thus preparing you for accepting the friend request. It seems we have a religious concept of God being distant and to be kept out there in that indefinable place, yet scripture teaches us He wants to have a mutual friendship with us. This may challenge your beliefs. Rather than be challenged, why not be open to the request, allowing this to have the positive outcome it will have.

Now it’s your turn to respond. When you get “Friend Request From God” today, you receive the keys to these benefits which will transform your personal relationship with God.

Your Transformational Benefits

  • Two questions which need to be answered honestly. These will open the door of your heart to the truth which is foundational to accepting the friend request.
  • Digging deeper into your Heart to release you to freedom. This book is written asking permission to read your heart, please invite it to read you.
  • This book asks the question “who do you walk with, the Church or God”? You may not be aware of the impact your belief structure has on the intimacy you can have with God.
  • The most important next question, as there is always a next question. There are some exercises for you to do so you receive the greatest value from this book.
  • The Invitation to respond to the Friend Request.

Finding the desire of your heart and having a secure relationship with God is the foundation of this book. In my book I journey with you through the realities of being stuck and unstuck.

It’s decision time now and you have a choice to make?

Keep on doing what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You already know you will just get more of the same. Is this really where you want to be?

Take a new action and receive a new result.

Finally! THE Invitation to RESPOND to the friend request!

Which do you really want for yourself? The same as you have had for too long now, or the exciting new friendship you can now have with God. Just think about what life will be like without the nagging noise in your heart?

I invite you to click the text below and get