Mothers Day IS EVERYDAY.

Mother’s day is traditionally a commercially promoted and internationally celebrated day on the second Sunday of May every year.

Mothers are amazing and never have holidays or days off unless they are really unwell. They lovingly toil away for the good of their families and their loving service, I believe, is often taken for granted because they are Mothers.

The time has come I believe, to acknowledge and honor them for their tireless work as well as share some tangible appreciation.

The title of this ebook, ‘Mother’s Day is Everyday’ has been purposely chosen so the role of motherhood is highlighted and appreciated regularly. I have never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy being appreciated and acknowledged for who they are and what they do. Ask yourself the question, do you like to be appreciated and be honest with yourself with your answer?

If you are an employer, there is an interesting phenomenon which takes place when you share genuine appreciation with your employees. Provided what you share is sincere, real, honest and genuine you create an environment which becomes far more productive, friendly and your employees are happy people.

I have spoken to many employers who rue the day they lost employees to realise how important they were to their business. Appreciation is like gold and is a crucial part in human relationships.

The truth expressed in the age old saying, you do to others as you would have them do for you, works every time. This principle is widely known and sadly not practiced, when it should be adopted as a principle for life.

Getting back to the subject of Mothers, I ask you to consider the sort of appreciation you show to her and how you do this.

Think about this from your position as a child or a spouse. If you are a spouse you can encourage your children to brainstorm ideas for the traditionally celebrated day and write them down. On the day help the children in the practicalities of doing this and make it a very special day.

From your list of ideas, be creative and begin changing the experience of your family and bring it into a new culture of appreciation?  Begin by appreciating their mother then implement this among all the members of the family.  

In my ebook you will read some of my original poetry and reflections about this whole subject. It’s also a story about my own mother and includes one of the poems I wrote for her. The reflections and ideas are based on my ideas and many years of observations and counseling family relationships.  

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