What is HeartFunnels all about, you may be thinking? It's not about a method of selling products through a different funnel, it's really about finding or getting to the Heart in/of all things.

The bottom line in life is your Heart! This is your emotional hub, the engine room, the very core of your life.  The often-used term "Getting to the HEART of the matter" is very true. 

My website has been deliberately titled heartfunnels because it seems to me all roads lead or funnel into and out of the heart. Let's look at some examples here.


In our relationships with humanity, there are always misunderstandings.  We know deep within our heart this is the case because we "feel" things are not congruent. Articulating what we feel about this is difficult because it's like trying to describe what something tastes like. There are not enough descriptive words to use and therefore we use analogies and stories.


Communication, when seen through this window, is the clarity of all distilled information, which ultimately results in getting to the heart of the matter. Communication is the process to deliver knowledge and information.  In a conversation, we use our tongue. We also ‘talk’ with our silent looks, revealing attitude and our body language, just to mention a few.

The Fact Is . . .

Every aspect of our communication flows from out of our Heart. 

Hence my domain name and the significance of my logo. The job of a funnel is to collect from a wide area and concentrate, channel, or focus it to reduce it down through a small opening. For example, we associate using a funnel to fill a bottle. 

Figuratively a heart funnel is gathering all the inputs and transitions which life has brought us, to distill these and then put what's appropriate into practice through the small spout of who you really are. This may be an oversimplification of what actually happens, but I believe it's very close!


We hear the sayings, which have become cliches eg ‘let's get to the heart of the matter’ and the truth is this. As humans converse Heart to Heart, using the tools of wisdom and compassion, the Heart Of The Matter can be reached in an amicable way. 

Heartfunnels is about Heart sharing.  Pictorially I see each heart looking and listening for its echo. We can use other words like finding congruence or resonation, basically, they all say the same thing. When you find your echo it doesn't matter whether it's finding a business partner, a best friend or a spouse, here’s the thing; you have found and also you have been found!

Our Listening Skills . . .

Most of life's issues can be solved using the right skills and congenial verbal communication. Many of us Listen to Speak rather than Listening to HEAR! Talking something through while being able to listen to hear the Heart is the real key to hearing. If you don't hear the Heart speak you haven't listened. 


The wisdom of Pairs
The wisdom of Pairs

Are you Listening and are you Hearing?

Communication is a vast subject we all talk about and like a diamond, it has many facets making up its beauty.  Each of these facets has its own implications and importance in understanding how communication relates. 

It's not just about talking your head off or voicing your opinion. Sometimes the wisdom of being involved in a conversation is to remain silent. 

Because this subject is so complex I have broken it up into its relevant segments. I have written ebooks, articles, poetry, and coaching courses to illustrate and coach you through the complexity of this subject. 

Communication is far from just being able to talk! Listening is possibly 85% of the art of a meaningful conversation and this is what I teach in my courses.

I invite you to look around my site and familiarize yourself with my products and discover what resonates with you.