My About Page 

If I had to define myself in a phrase, I would say this,
‘I have always been interested in what makes people tick and I have a passion to discern the motivations which drive different behavior patterns in humanity.’
I am insightful and intuitive and have learned many valuable lessons from the mistakes I have made on my personal journey through life. The more I associate with people from all walks of life, I am convinced the issues of life are all about the Heart.

These interests of mine are paramount in determining my presence on the internet. Many years ago I had an experience with God which initiated my poetry writing. Once I started writing I couldn't stop! I have a problem with a level of dyslexia, hence my spelling and punctuation needed some serious help. The more I write the less this is an issue.  me 180x180

The twist to my gift is, I use poetry as a tool to define or articulate a subject. My style of writing is short and punchy and over many years of testing it, I have been inspired by the results. People who are generally not interested in poetry, have been reading and engaging with my products. A man once asked me to write a poetry book that he could read during his breaks at work. He highlighted to me there are always 2 lines in the poem he meditates on during his day. This inspired me to create a daily poetry membership site.

In relating to my niche of Communication, the tool of poetry serves me and will do for you too. Communication takes place on many different levels, we usually relate to this subject from a verbal perspective. Communication is the key to getting through the processes and vagaries of life and enables us to understand each other or agree to disagree. No matter where we are in the conversation, communication is the way through. I am passionate about discovering the issues of the heart and this is how I relate meaningfully with people.

Speaking from the Heart and TO the Heart is how I define myself.

I love the outdoors and being around nature and animals.  I was brought up as a city boy then trained and studied to become a Farmer. Photography is one of my passions I have been developing. The wonderful thing about smartphones is they take great photos,  send emails, surf the net and can take and make calls as well.

I use my Samsung Note 9 every day for these purposes. Being a practical person and not very technical I have struggled with software and computer-related issues.

I have always been a practical person and have had many and varied jobs and experiences. These include Farming, Building Houses, Driving Trucks and Cranes, Welding, Working in the mines in Australia, being a Shop owner, Pastoring a Church and now Coaching and Writing. These experiences I share and they are incorporated in my Coaching and writing.

I live in the city of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.  I am 70 years young, married and healthy and have a deep desire to use all my experiences and gifts to enhance or change people's lives for the better.